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Victorian Precinct

Thanks to the Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust in the late 1980’s action was taken to preserve some of the Buildings in the Oamaru Harbour and Tyne street. Originally just eight buildings were brought to be preserved by the Trust, now twenty years late sixteen of these wonderful buildings make up what we call Oamaru’s Victorian Precinct.
The Victorian Precinct was the original commerce and business district, these include large grain and seed warehouses.
Today the Oamaru Victorian Precinct is a vibrant shopping and eating area where you can fill in a day whilst taking in part of our local history
Oamaru Victorian Precinct is located just 10 minutes away from Oamaru House B&B


Steampunk HQ

No Steampunk HQ is not a rock band but a location that is a vibrant part of Oamaru art and Culture. Steampunk HQ is an interactive museum featuring “retro futuristic si fi art, sculptures, light shows movies and more.  Steam powered technology is behind this querky fun Oamaru attraction.

$20 per person is a resonable fee to visit this historic Museum.  Well known for it’s large full scale Steam engine that billows smoke and spits out fire. Lonely Planet once voted Steampunk HQ Oamaru as one of New Zealand’s best tourist attractions!
To find out more about previous displays and up to date information take a look at their website blog – http://steampunkoamaru.co.nz/blog/

Steampunk HQ is located also located just 10 minutes away from Oamaru House B&B

Moeraki Boulders

One of the most popular attractions in Oamaru may look like a coupld of stones on the beach but they are in fact concretions. The Moeraki Boulders  aree catching Boulders are actually called concretions – a hard solid mass formed by the local accumulation of matter, especially within the body or within a mass of sediment.

Some of the boulders are up to 3 metres in diameter and weigh a few tonne. The local Maoro legend is that the boulders were washed up on the beach, remains of calabashes, kumera and eel baskets after a legendendary canoe (Araiteure) was wrecked on nearby Shag Point.

The Moeraki Boulders are a must see when visiting Oamaru – located 40 minutes from Oamaru House B&B. Check out this video on the boulders – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMV3PH-wio8

The New Zealand Whiskey Tasting Company

Described as “Half Pub, Half Gift shop this delightful Whiskey Emporium is a great point fun place to visit whilst in Oamaru. Staff all clearly have a passion for all things Kiwi and all things Whiskey. If wanting something a little different to do then the New Zealand Whisky Tasting Company is another Oamaru House B&B “Must Do” activity whilst stating in Oamaru. Located in the Historic Harbour Precinct. Once Touted as the world most Southern Whiskey Distillery
Check out more information here or even purchase a wee dram online –www.thenzwhisky.com

Blue Penguin Colony

The Worlds smallest Penguin moved in to Oamaru in the early 1990’s. Only 25cm tall and weighing in at a measly 1kg this little bird is very cute. The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony recieves around 75,000 visitors a year looking to see what the big fuss is about this little bird.
In the season there are 130 breeding pairs making the rocky area 5 minutes drive out of central Oamaru their temporary home.
The Penguins spend some of the day feeding on the local penguin delicacy Squid up to 25km off shore. They can reach speeds of up oto 6km an hour under water and when on land live in shallow burrows or natural hollows.
Self guided Tours are available or for avid Bird watchers wanting to learn more about Oamaru’s most tourist attraction there are guided tour options too.

Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail

Oamaru is connected to the official New Zealand Cycle trail by the Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail. One of New Zealands biggest growing attractions and reasons for visiting is to experience the amazing landscapes and exciting outdoors by Mountain Bike.
Alps to Ocean Cycle trail runs all the way from Mt Cook to Oamaru. The Cycle trail is split into sections that experienced or beginner riders can chose how far they want to go and where to stop and start the cycle adventure.
Oamaru House B&B can help you organise your Alps to Ocean cycle trail experience as well as provide secure storage for your Bikes.

For more information – www.alps2ocean.com

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